Fresh snowshoe tracks near Field
Fresh snowshoe tracks near Field

Snowshoeing through glistening pillows of snow on a brisk winter day in Yoho National Park will bring a smile to anyone's face. During the winter months you will find more than enough snow around Field to enjoy the true snowshoe experience. Snowshoeing is a simple and inexpensive way to explore the peaceful snow-blanketed forests of the Canadian Rockies.

Pillows of snow will be your playground.
Pillows of snow will be your playground.

When you stay in Field during the winter, snowshoeing is an easily accessible way to get great exercise while enjoying the outdoors. You can rent snow shoes at either Emerald Lake or Lake Louise. Both locations offer glorious settings for a day of snowshoeing fun.


Snowshoeing Equipment can be rented at these locations:

Emerald Lake

Emerald Sports and Gifts
Aluminum snowshoe rentals.

Lake Louise

Wilson Mountain Sports
Aluminum Snowshoe rentals. Poles and Gaiters are also available.

Guide Services

Rockies Your Way
Private snowshoe tours in Yoho National Park.

Great Divide Nature Interpretation
Offering guided snowshoe trips that combine snowshoe outfitting and award winning heritage interpretation.